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Spouse Social Security # or ITIN: ... *If any dependents listed did not live at the primary taxpayers address the entire year, ... Miscellaneous*: Check all that apply ...
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Where other father's you know what time it is that time again tax season is here it's here man i know many of you this makes you think of real bad things of what my next guest and she's got some information that will make filing your taxes this year really really good please welcome H&R Block spokeswoman sarita button and thank you very much i understand that for many people getting their refund this year it's going to take longer than ever why is that you're exactly right it's called the path act it's a new tax wall to kind of decrease tax identity best but the problem with it is that the IRS is going to hold certain cast refunds and from mid-february we're talking about a lot of people will be impacted approximately 30 million really did you all know that we're going to be holding your refund this year issue Amy I don't get no nope Oh three years are you coming to a shoebox ok the problem is I promise everybody this salad but she read dozens about some really good things so tell me that you have something to help people and the good news is we do it's called a refined advance and starting now it's um participating H&R Block offices you can come in get an advance on your past refund for up to 1250 dollars this is after you file your taxes no-interest loan to our banking partner metabank and in most cases people can actually get the money the same day they apply really yes and the whole thing is it's repaid when you get your tax rate times so i think that's amazing that you can get up to 1,200 fifty dollars and advanced so let me ask you this folks what do people do when they get that much money like 1250 bucks advanced tool well we spent my audience warm-up guy Reuben to surprise some folks we sending force applied some folks walking out of H&R Block they had no idea they were about to go on a spending spree check out what happened the next person walk out that door I'm gonna give him one of these is an H&R Block gift card if we are going to have so but it looks like you got somebody right come on hey what today Michael final things money and Ribery listen obviously use old taxis here yeah okay what about to tell you that H&R Block can get you money back did you return the boom I was so yeah let me get this right now what are you doing it its agility for my wife now just figured by the ball yeah oh don't even know what that means but i like it so here we have a minute halo pendant 39 strength and rootedness is he has a lot of energy i will say that all right take like a ruby and taking a diamond all one you liked it like a look at Jim production if it looks good on me into the look amazing on his girls but the girl looks like me maybe maybe you need to make the life decision there's at one no go to you gotta yell to an outright big okay all right thinking somebody think yeah but hey 103 Angelo Priya whatever Rubin from the Department show I have a gift card here for patient are blocked ok go on dates and...